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Am I eligible to enter?

Entry is open to living artists of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent. Entrants must be aged 18 years or older and citizens of Australia or have held permanent Australian resident status for at least 12 months preceding the Entry Close Date. In order to be eligible to win the VIC Local Artist Award, the Artist must belong to a Victorian First Nations clan or custodian group.

​Is my artwork eligible?

To qualify as an Eligible Artwork, the artwork must:

  • be an original, complete and dry work of the Artist that is owned by the Artist

  • have been created within the previous 12 months before the Entry Close Date

  • not have been previously exhibited publicly or entered into another art award, prize or competition;

  • be suitable for exhibition and display in public places

The artwork can be a painting, photograph, drawing, printmaking work, weaving, jewellery, acrylic glass, work on metal, work on bark or board, mixed media, digital media or sculpture. Refer to section 2 in the terms and conditions for dimensional restrictions for each medium.  

​How do I enter?

Fully complete an EOI, including all the Artist’s personal details, agent details (if applicable), Eligible Artwork details, 200 to 300 word statement about the Eligible Artwork and a maximum 500 word biography about the Artist.

Submit the EOI, together with:

  1. A portrait photo of the Artist and a photo of the Artist beside the Eligible Artwork, both good quality high resolution images;

  2. In the case of any non-digital artwork, a good quality high resolution photo of the Eligible Artwork;

  3. In the case of any digital media, a final submission of the Eligible Artwork via email of file share as detailed in section 1.3 in the terms and conditions. 

​Is there a limit on the number of entries I can submit?

Limit of one entry per Artist. Each Artist may submit one Eligible Artwork either as an individual Artist or as a collaboration of several Artists responsible for one Eligible Artwork.

If I am a Finalist, do I have to pay for the transport of my artwork to Brisbane?

KWM has arranged for Griffith University Art Museum (GUAM) to be responsible for the organisation of transport and insurance of the Finalists from the Regional Depot to the Art Exhibition and back to the Regional Depot. The Artist is responsible for the organisation of, and costs for, transport and insurance of the Finalists to a Regional Depot. The locations for delivery to Regional Depots are described in clause 9. It is the Artist’s responsibility to use a reputable shipping company familiar with transporting artwork for delivery to the Regional Depot.

​When do I need to submit my EOI by?

The competition commences Wednesday 5 April and closes at midnight AEST on 3 July 2023 (“Entry Period”). Entries must be received by KWM during the Entry Period. Entries received after midnight on 3 July 2023 (“Entry Close Date”) will not be accepted. For all key dates, click here.

​How are finalists decided and when will I be notified?

This competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winners. All entries will be judged individually on their merits based on how well they satisfy the definition of being a “First Nations Artwork of the highest standard”.

​The first round of judging for selection of the Eligible Artworks will take place on 10 July 2023. Between 30 and 40 of the best valid entries (“Finalists”), as determined by the judges, will be each be displayed at the King & Wood Mallesons First Nations Art Exhibition. The finalists will be notified on or before 13 July 2023.

​When/where will my artwork be displayed?

If you are named a finalist, your artwork will be part of an exhibition displayed from 14 September - 14 October 2023 at Griffith University Art Museum (GUAM) in Brisbane.

How my artwork will be hung?

in the case of any wall hung art work have ‘D’ ring fixtures attached for hanging; or the Artist gives permission for appropriate fixtures to be attached at the time of hanging at the Art Exhibition

These FAQs are a summary only. You should refer to the Terms & Conditions which are binding.

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